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Parkinson's Disease

     A disorder caused by the diminished production of the
     chemical in the brain called dopamine.  The effects of this
     decrease alter motor function.  Patient symptoms include a tremor
     of the hand, problems with balance and gait, and problems 
     involving movements of the mouth and face.  Eventually all 
     movement is impaired and activities of daily living become 
     increasingly difficult.

     The medications prescribed for Parkinson's Disease are designed
     to replace the diminished amounts of dopamine produced by the 
     brain.  They are effective in slowing down the progression of the 
     disorder and easing the symptoms associated with PD.  
     Unfortunately, many patients are plagued with hallucinations as
     a result of this medication.  Hallucinations can be diminished
     by altering the patient's medication regime.

     As the disease progresses problems with gait become severe. 
     The patient developes a "shuffling gait".  The patient will
     begin to lean and walk forward rapidly while their feet slide
     across the floor.  Once the patient begins to walk, it is 
     difficult for them to stop on demand.  This can be dangerous.
     Generally, when a patient has progressed to exhibit this problem,
     his doctor may prescribe him an assistive walking devise as well
     as training on how to properly use it.  This greatly aids in 
     preventing injury to the patient.

     Parkinson's Disease can be challanging, but the patient can 
     expect to live a productive life with proper medical treatment.      

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